About us

Designing the future of education and entertainment

At Wegesrand we aim to inspire founders. Through our companies we are able to cover a 360-degree perspective on how we inform, play and learn. Our team has more than 100 years of experience in building and running companies. Throughout our journey we are searching for talent and help them grow in order for a joint success. We are willing to share with people we like.

the things we do

Our focus and concentration


We help companies start or re-define themselves! Through our network of experts and entrepreneurs we are able to supply young businesses with the intelligence they need to succeed.


Part of our philosophy at Wegsrand is to invest in ideas and people that webelieve are right for us and will help us move forward as a community and as agroup of companies.


We support our portfolio companies with infrastructure, network andknow-how in all relevant areas, from administration to financing, marketing andsales.